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The increase in mobility of people in the workforce has given rise to a host of amazing virtual meeting options – including options for dial-in conferencing, web based online audio/video conferencing, as well as desktop client and room based solutions. As a result of this, many companies – wishing to use a combination of these options – have felt the sting of the subsequent rise in costs and complexity in their conferencing and telephony systems. It’s not uncommon for organisations to be paying for landline phones, mobile phones, instant messaging tools, third party dial-in conferencing services and of course video conferencing platforms.

With an industry wide push to Software as a Service (SaaS) models, organisations want to be able to simply and easily add additional ways people can access their conferences, without adding to on-premises systems or overall complexity.

For organisations already using Skype for Business Online, they would be used to the ease and simplicity of creating a Skype for Business Online Meeting:





For anyone using the Skype for Business client for conferencing, they can simply click on the Join Skype Meeting link, and their client will automatically open and join the conference. One click to join. For anyone that clicks the link that doesn’t have the Skype for Business client, they are automatically directed to the Skype for Business Web App, where they can also participate in the meeting, enjoying Multi-view video, desktop and power point sharing, and all the other capabilities a full desktop client user would enjoy:




Whist these two methods provide a great experience for conference participants, sometimes joining from a standard telephone over the PSTN network is unavoidable. How do we add this capability to Skype for Business Online?

This is where Skype for Business Online Dialin Conferencing can help

To add the ability for users to dial into your Skype for Business Online meetings, it’s as simple as adding the prerequisite licensing to your Office 365 tenant, and enabling for your users.

What licenses do I need?

If you want to use dial-in conferencing, you have two options:

  • Purchase and assign theSkype for Business PSTN Conferencing add-on license to your existing Enterprise E1 or Enterprise E3 licensed tenant

Once you have the required licensing, enable it for your users from the Office 365 Portal:


Now when I create a Skype for Business Online Meeting, participants can now dial in from a phone number I choose, or from dozens of countries automatically made available. In this case, I configured a dedicated Melbourne PSTN number to be my default:


However, what if users want to dial in from other countries without incurring international toll costs? Click on Find a local number, and you will be presented with dozens of numbers from countries around the globe, all as part of the PSTN conferencing service:


Here’s a full list of countries that are automatically available for dialin conferencing:

Country/region Capital or major city
Argentina Buenos Aires
Australia Sydney
Austria Vienna
Bahrain Manama
Belgium Brussels
Brazil Sao Paulo
Bulgaria Sofia
Canada Toronto
Chile Santiago
China Beijing
Columbia Bogota
Costa Rica Phone numbers aren’t linked to a specific city or location
Croatia Zagreb
Cyprus Nicosia
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen
Dominican Republic Santiago
El Salvador San Salvador
Estonia Tallinn
Finland Helsinki
France Paris
Georgia Tbilisi
Germany Frankfurt
Greece Athens
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Budapest
India Mumbai
Ireland Dublin
Israel Tel Aviv
Italy Milan
Japan Tokyo
Latvia Phone numbers aren’t linked to a specific city or location
Lithuania Vilnius
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Malta Valletta
Mexico Mexico City
Netherlands Amsterdam
New Zealand Wellington
Norway Oslo
Pakistan Karachi
Panama Panama
Peru Lima
Philippines Manila
Poland Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon
Romania Phone numbers aren’t linked to a specific city or location
Russia Moscow
Singapore Singapore
Slovak Republic Bratislava
Slovenia Ljubljana
South Africa Cape Town
South Korea Seoul
Spain Madrid
Sri Lanka Phone numbers aren’t linked to a specific city or location
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Zurich
Taiwan Taipei
Thailand Bangkok
Turkey Istanbul
Ukraine Phone numbers aren’t linked to a specific city or location
United Kingdom (UK) London
United States (U.S.) Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City


To find out more about Skype for Business’s PSTN Conferencing and the best options for your organisation, contact Insync Technology on 1300 652 207 or email us at

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