Mid November, Polycom released a much anticipated firmware version for the Trio 8800 conference devices: 5.4.4 REV AA ( This release gave us a new Skype for Business themed user interface, better support for USB tethering scenarios, multiple video stream support and new screen layouts for video and content viewing (say goodbye to audio switching video feeds…) and various other improvements in calendaring, contact search and conference management. This was the release all of us in the Microsoft UC world had been waiting for!

Unfortunately, if you were using the Trio with the Visual+ module there was an issue with this release. Specifically:

“Polycom has identified substantial quality issues with Trio Software Release 5.4.4AA when used with the Visual+ module, including content bleed issues between DIFFERENT meetings.

As a result, Polycom is rolling back 5.4.4AA and is supporting it only for AUDIO ONLY applications until these defects are corrected and released”

Thankfully, an updated version has been released that resolves this issue: 5.4.4 REV AB ( You can download it here

UPDATE: 5.4.4 REV AD has been released ( Download here

In addition, I have also put together an updated base config file that will greatly simplify deployment of Trio devices into your Microsoft UC environment. You can download it here.

For more information on how to centrally provision Trio devices, and how to view/edit the config file, check out my earlier blog: Provisioning Polycom Trio 8800s

Damien Margaritis

Insync Technology

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