If you’re using Microsoft Teams Room systems or Surface Hubs in your organisation, these devices will be licensed to allow connectivity to Microsoft 365. Microsoft have two licenses available for Teams Rooms and Surface Hubs today: Teams Room Basic and Pro. These licenses superseded an earlier licensing model (Teams Room Standard and Premium, read more about them and the change to Basic and Pro here), and have all the components required to support your video conferencing devices in your rooms and spaces.

Whilst Teams Room licensing has been available for sometime in one flavour or another, it was still common to see some organisations opt to use standard licensing (such as E3 or E5) to license their meeting room devices. This didn’t actually license the rooms with all the recommended components (for example, Microsoft Intune is not part of E3 or E5, but is part of Teams Room Pro), but nonetheless we still did see this occurring.

Typically, an organisation had a few spare E3 or E5 licenses available, and path of least resistance was to just use those for the meeting room accounts, but moving forward – these will need to be changed.

Meeting Devices Blocked after July 1st 2023 if not licensed correctly

As published by Microsoft as part of their Teams Meeting Room devices documentation, Microsoft will no longer allow devices to sign in if not licensed correct post July 1st 2023.

Are your rooms licensed incorrectly? Now is the time to review and confirm prior to the cut-off date.


  1. Hi,

    Will be there disrupt your users’ access to services during transition to the Teams Meeting Pro licence assignment?


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